Frequently Asked Questions about The Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

FAQs About The Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster

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Our professional public adjusters will work your loss as if it were their own. We care about our clients and that makes all the difference in the world. We have seen the suffering and trauma our clients go through and we have seen and heard the sense of relief (it feels like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders) when they retain our staff of trained and experienced adjusters.

What should your expectations be if you retain us –total commitment to you, your family, or your businesses at the time of your loss. Our goal as a partner working for you is to get you back in your home, or get your business up and running as quickly as possible. Our reputation depends on it. 26 years of helping clients means you can expect the same level of service and dedication we have given to all of our prior clients. That commitment has allowed us to serve the public year after year after at the time of their loss.

The public adjusters within our firm have many years of in the trenches experience. Some have been on the insurance carrier side and understand what goes on inside the claims department.  They are truly experts in their field.  Many insurance companies will tell you they like working with Tutwiler and Associates.  Our understanding of the claim process has earned us the best reputation in the State of Florida notwithstanding all the work we do throughout the country.  In addition, our clients are some the most well respected, highly educated, and business savvy individuals in the country.  It is not uncommon for an insurance company executive/employee to tell their family or friend to hire a public adjuster following a loss. 

Sometimes you might not. For example; In a total loss situation or if your loss is much greater than your policy limits. If all policy benefits are going to be paid in a timely manner then you may not need professional help.

However it is always good to get a second opinion as we have seen many cases where the adjuster that represents the insurance company may not offer all policy benefits. Also history has shown that most insurance losses are not total losses. Getting a professional to review an offer made or having a well trained and professional public adjuster discuss the facts of your loss on the front-end can be very valuable. Sometimes it is the little things like getting advice to totally document your loss and not just stop at some level that you think will get you your policy limit. Also remember that you may have tax benefits that may allow for an uninsured casualty loss deduction.

We think you should consider the section in your insurance policy that spells out your duties in the event you have a loss. Almost all property policies place duties and responsibility on the insured policyholders. You were most likely busy before the loss. Now you have all of the issues involved in an insurance claim.

You should also consider the financial issues of an insurance claim. For example; Can a public adjuster get you a better settlement than you can get on your own? While it is easy to make big promises in this area, we think it is best to check with prior clients and let them tell you how they feel about the decision they made to hire a public adjuster.

When it comes down to a decision, you need to ask yourself if a public adjuster can do better estimating, servicing and settling your claim for a fair amount than you can do on your own with the limited time and knowledge about property insurance adjusting you may possess.