Frequently Asked Questions about Collapse, Delay, Vibration

FAQs About Collapse, Delay, Vibration

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Prior to endorsements that limited Collapse to a falling down etc. there was a good chance you might have gotten get paid for the repairs. With the new endorsements being inserted by the property insurance carriers, an actual collapse must occur. You must read your policy or have someone experienced interpreting policy language read the policy in total to get an understanding of what is and is not covered. It is also very important that you read and understand each new endorsement sent to you by your insurance company. If questions arise, call your agent or Tutwiler & Associates with your questions.
Yes, but that is going to be limited by the definition in your policy. If you have questions, call or contact Tutwiler & Associates at (800) 321-4488 so we can set up a no cost or obligation consultation to explore your potential for insurance recovery or explain an insurance adjusting issue to you, your condominium association or any other business interest.