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FL License: W498137

Also licensed in: Pennsylvania License #797562

Testimonials about Zachary C. Flora, CPAU

Pittsburgh Homeowner Claim

Zach was referred to me from a mutual friend. We have a property that endured some damage in multiple places throughout the home. He walked us through the process and helped every step of the way! He met us at the property several times. He absolutely went above and beyond for us. He even followed up several times after the repairs were done. I truly can't say enough about amazing service that was provided to us. - Rebecca Leff-Johnston

Pittsburgh Property Claim

This company is the best. Our insurance company was giving us the run around on a water damage claim and did not want to pay for things that we needed to repair. We hired Tutwiler and they negotiated a great settlement on our behalf. We were happy they dealt with our insurance company directly and was a huge relief for us. If there is ever another claim we will be calling them first. - Dana Kratsa

Pittsburgh Insurance Claim

Tutwiler & Associates was one of the best contacts my family has made in a while! They were very professional and detailed in their work, while keeping us updated every step of the way. I strongly suggest calling if you have any insurance related issues. – Melissa Granatire

Noteworthy Claims Handled by Zachary C. Flora, CPAU

Pittsburgh Claim Adjuster’s Technology and Perseverance Wins the Day in Settling an Apartment Fire Insurance Claim

Statistics show that 5% of structural fires or one in twenty are caused by cigarettes. On the late morning of May 21, 2020, an apartment landlord in the Pittsburgh area found out what it was like to become part of that statistic. Once the smoke cleared, he turned to his insurance company for help, where he quickly realized they weren’t the “good neighbor” they made themselves out to be. Then he turned to a trusted insurance claim adjuster also known as a public adjuster.

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House Fire Explosion Claim in Pittsburgh

In Oct. 2017 at 4am I heard a noise outside my BR window, when I got up to investigate, there were a series of 4 electrical explosions, my backyard and deck area was engulfed in flames. Fortunately, I was able to escape. The house was totally consumed within 3hrs as I watched 4 fire companies try to put it out. I ended up in the hospital that night, but soon received a text from a friend who had seen it on the news. Hire a PUBLIC ADJUSTER ASAP, was the msg. I had never heard of one, but then became acquainted with Mr. Zachary Flora from Tutwiler & Assoc. He had left an informational package with my neighbor which I read and then met with him. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the insurance business, how claims work, the difference between insurance adjusters and a public adjuster (one who advocates primarily in the clients best interest). He was friendly, forthright, and most knowledgeable. There was no "hard sell," I felt comfortable speaking with him. He presented cases which he had settled and the noticeable differences in claim amounts offered by the ins. co. I hired him on the spot and am so glad that I did. He was there for me every step of the way, he did all of the footwork which alleviated the stress and confusion of me trying to do it myself while under duress. This was most helpful with the "contents" portion of the claim. That was most difficult. The claim was recently settled. I got much more than was originally offered and I opted not to rebuild. I got a maximum total payout. Many people think they will be wholly taken care of under the umbrella of their trusted Ins. Co., but there are so many variables to consider in negotiations that a client may miss or may be overlooked by insurance co. adjusters or "preferred" contractors. This is especially true if you have a policy that allows for replacement cost value for the home as it existed. Example: replacing plaster with drywall, slate roof with shingles, or depreciation amounts. These are things that come up which would change the bottom line settlement. The public adjuster is prepared for these issues and will get you exactly what you are entitled to. I highly recommend Mr. Zachary Flora with Tutwiler and Assoc.

Attention to Detail by Public Adjuster Produces Additional $24,000 Claim Settlement for Pittsburgh Area Homeowner

On February 21, 2018 the policyholder experienced a category 3 water loss in her Carnegie, Pittsburgh home from a broken stack pipe that runs from the second floor bathroom through the kitchen, which in return sent sewage throughout these areas of the home. Immediately upon noticing the damage the homeowner called a restoration company to mitigate the damage and called her insurance company to report the damage. Not knowing what other options she might have, she followed her insurance company’s instructions and sent their claim adjuster a few days later to inspect the loss.

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Zachary C. Flora, CPAU

Licensed Pittsburgh Public Adjuster

Zack is a licensed public adjuster who helps both commercial and residential policyholders file and settle their insurance claims in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  As a native of Pittsburgh, Zach is very familiar with the fire, water, wind and winter storm losses that can impact older properties and the struggles home and business owners face when attempting to settle their claim with the insurance company. Zach is driven by building a relationship with every client during the claims settlement process and applying his experience to the fullest extent on every claim he handles.

Zach grew up in the Monroeville, PA area where he attended Gateway High School.  During his time at Gateway, Zach played Junior Hockey in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Boston.  After his hockey career, Zach attended Duquesne University and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Marketing degree.

Before joining Tutwiler & Associates,  Zach worked for the Bank of New York Mellon focusing on Global account opening and customer service, leading to the position as a territory sales representative with Kinzua Environmental growing his territory to over 150 accounts and managing them with their industrial chemical needs.  Through his employment in both positions of his career and being goal driven, Zach realized that he genuinely liked helping other people, whether it be the products they like using or their everyday issues involving their financial needs.  This interest in helping others, peeked his interest in becoming a public adjuster representing the policyholder with their loss.

In his spare time, Zach enjoys playing hockey, running, and staying active along with staying current with all other sports and sporting events.

If you need insurance claim assistance in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, please contact Pittsburgh public insurance adjuster Zach Flora or call 866-302-7797 if you would like a free consultation about a property insurance claim.