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Understanding The Benefit Of Having An Expert Witness

Our role in this area includes being retained as an expert providing advice and assistance to the policyholder's attorney as well as being retained by various insurance company's legal counsel if the matter is heading to or is in litigation. We have also been retained to serve as an expert witness to testify in court and have been accepted as an expert witness in both U. S. Federal and Florida State courts.

With over 37 years of experience in the claim side of the casualty property insurance business, Charles R. “Dick” Tutwiler, CPCLA, PCLA, the Founder and former President of Tutwiler & Associates, a firm of professional loss adjusters with well over 150 years combined experience, has been called on to provide expert advice in matters involving loss adjusting practices and procedures.

Charles R. “Dick “ Tutwiler was retained by the then Florida Department of Insurance in 2002 to testify on their behalf in the “mold trials” which resulted when the insurance industry in Florida added endorsements to their policies limiting coverage for mold remediation. The Department acting on behalf of the consumers fought this issue and the matter was tried in Tallahassee in late 2002 and the first part of 2003.

If there is an interest in utilizing any of our firm adjusters as expert witnesses in your claim dispute, give us a call at 813-412-8357 or contact us and we will be glad to provide information on the matters for which we were retained. 

FAQs About Expert Witness

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If the matter is a legal issue as opposed to a consulting assignment on a claim, our compensation is on an hourly basis or on a fixed fee amount. 
Please give us a call we first want to make sure we will fit your needs given facts of your case. Based on our experience we generally can give you a good ballpark figure of how much time and money will be involved in having us help you or your clients needs. 

Our President and founder has over 37 un interrupted years in the casualty property field. Mr. Tutwiler is unique, as he has experienced both sides of the business as he was employed for 10 years with Travelers insurance company and handled all lines of insurance products in the claims side of the business. Other adjusters in our firm have worked in staff positions directly for insurance companies and others   for independent insurance adjusting firms.    

Primarily we are ask to testify or consult on the  practices and procedures of  causality property insurance adjusting matters. This can very from fact specific cases issues to more broad matters involving our experience given the thousands of cases we have been involved in not only in the United States but also in  the Caribbean Islands 
Each case may be different depending on the time and travel that may be involved. Our normal and customary billing is based on three phases. One is a rate for working on a claim matter, which is an hourly rate.   If we are ask to sit for   a deposition there is an additional charge. And finally if testifying in court there the hourly rate is adjusted for this service. 

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