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I appreciate Keith's hard work and professionalism. It was a real mess for a couple of weeks. Policyholder

Claims Assistance for Schools and Colleges

Not surprising, given the need for physical structures to conduct classes, programs and store information, colleges, universities, public schools and other educational organizations have large physical structures in the form of classrooms, workshops, library, sports complexes all subject to common hazards and perils that exist in our modern world.

Our experience has been that losses to these institutions tend to be large and complex. In part because of the equipment and special complexes found in our higher learning schools and also because of the need to restore special and critical one-of-a-kind items that may have been damaged. With the availability of the internet one can easily find news stories about unique restoration efforts employed to restore libraries and other critical property owned by or in the care of these institutions. 

Tutwiler & Associates possesses the techniques and understanding required to successfully save and restore educational property from hurricanes, floods, and other perils. Our adjustment methodology stresses ongoing communication with administrators and boards who will need to make quick and correct decisions in the early stages of a restoration process.

For over 27 years educational claims professionals and risk managers have turned to or referred their colleagues to Tutwiler & Associates.  As experienced public adjusters, we understand the claims process and have all the resources to help you recover your claim.  Our knowledge of the insurance policy, claims process, and field experience have yielded us a longstanding positive reputation in the industry. 

We pride ourselves on obtaining the maximum claims settlement under your policy provisions so you can be paid to recover as quickly as possible. If you would like help with your educational institution insurance claim and understand your options, give us a call at 813-412-8357 or contact us. 


FAQs About Educational Institutions

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Risk manager are a very good resource at the time of your loss. They usually have placed the insurance and thus know what policies are in place and the coverage amounts. Risk managers from our experience may try and help with a claim but for the most part do not typically function or are trained as an adjuster. Someone still needs to provide the input and craft a scope of the loss document along with a cost estimate of the damages, making sure all of it fits into the coverage the risk manager has put in place. 

The public adjusters at Tutwiler & Associates can work as your trusted consultant to give you advice, share our experience and help you make decisions that are in the best interest of your institution.  Knowing the credible resources that are available to help you as well the protocols and right questions to ask, will help you explore all contingencies. For example: often a third party may have caused a loss and thus you will have the ability to make a claim with that company or person’s insurance company. 

A flood loss where most of the books and papers in a library were damaged. The solution was to freeze dry all of the items. 

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