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We had a terrible time dealing with our insurance company when our home in Cape Coral Florida was hit by the January 9th, 2016 tornado.  We received a lot of run-around and finally received $75k for the damage.  Because the insurance company took so long and played a purposeful delay game with us, we hired Mike Stabile from Tutwiler & Associates.  Mike was so helpful because he knows the insurance industry and how they tend to operate when it comes to delaying claim payouts.  By mid July 2016 Mike had secured a 226% increase in the payout of the real damage that was done throughout our home in Florida.  There's nothing like having a real expert fighting on your side against the stubborn and stingy insurance companies who tell you they're great until they actually have to pay a claim.  I can't say enough about how helpful Mike was in his efforts to fight for what we rightly deserved for the significant damage done to our home. One additional thing, Mike put me in touch with a lawyer who has just notified us that we will receive an additional $18k for withheld depreciation, and we may even recover all of our fees including Tutwilers, the Umpire and the lawyer's fees. Wow!! That's what I call exceptional service. Tornado Damage Claim - Cape Coral, FL
August 03, 2016 15:30
Public AdjusterMichael Stabile
Author: Cape Coral Client
Rating: 5
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