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I am an insurance defense attorney who was retained by an insured living in Miami. He had sustained significant water intrusion as well as a septic tank blockage which caused substantial property damage. I retained Tutwiler and Associates to prepare an estimate of loss as the insurer had totally neglected to investigate the losses thoroughly and properly. Tutwiler and Associates completely took over the loss presentation, retained the necessary experts, prepared detailed estimates of loss etc which were then filed with the insurer. As a consequence of Tutwiler's efforts, I was able to negotiate an extraordinary resolution of these claims with underwriters' counsel. Tutwiler and Associates conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and objectivity, recognizing that certain aspects of the claims may be excluded under the policy but prepared the claims in a manner that was both proper and fully substantiated. It was a pleasure to work with Dick Tutwiler and Frank Fortson who conducted themselves with honor and dignity even when confronted with a recalcitrant and otherwise difficult independent adjuster retained by the insurer. I recommend any insured living in Florida to retain Tutwiler and Associates when suffering a property insurance loss. The insured will be very well served and feel confident that the loss ultimately will be adjusted and resolved in a manner most advantageous to the insured. - Frank Tell - Attorney

Miami Water Loss
June 28, 2017 09:46
Public AdjusterFrank Fortson
Author: Frank Tell
Rating: 5
Posted in: Residential Property Insurance Claim Clients

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