Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Claims

FAQs About Residential Claims

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Your insurance company and your public adjuster should all meet at the loss and agree on what work is to be dome and the price. This includes emergency services as well as final repairs. If you sign a work authorization or assignment contract you may be signing over part of your policy limits to a company where you have no idea of what they are going to do in terms of price and the scope of loss.   

Absolutely, you are the insured and can always speak with your insurance company. We do recommend however that you also keep us involved in any conversation as it always helps to keep all parties informed on the issues and/or agreements in the adjusting process. You and your public adjuster should act as a team. 

Yes we value your input and we will need information from you in order to do a professional job for you. Once we have prepared your claim you will have an opportunity to review it in detail so we can have your approval to submit it to the insurance company. 
Yes it is possible to reach agreement on one part of a claim which will allow it to be paid and continue with other parts that may require more time or investigation. 

Yes we are very much involved in both. Both have unique issues and we have a deep and experienced track record given our long history and reputation in the lost adjusting field.