Frequently Asked Questions about Explosion

FAQs About Explosion

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An Explosion loss should be treated just as any other loss so you should consider professional help by retaining a professional trained public adjuster. While an explosion loss may involve a fire, the force of the explosion alone may be enough to destroy your home or business.

With an explosion claim, you need to be aware of the unique damages that may result from the brute force of this type of event. Unlike a fire which will leave clear and identifiable damages, an explosion and the resulting shock may cause structural damage that will require detailed inspections of all building components and personal property.

Tutwiler & Associates has been involved in many losses resulting from explosion and they all have presented unique challenges, investigation, and documentation to ensure that our client received the full and fair settlement they deserved. 

Structural damage to a building in the form of cracks, shifting of foundation and walls will always be questioned by insurance company adjusters as the age old defense will be raised that the damage is old and pre-dated the explosion event. We have always recommended that our clients maintain good records on property conditions as well as professional reports on condition surveys commissioned before a loss. Photographs are an excellent resource to rebut a denial of a claim because of alleged old pre-existing damages.
Absolutely, this may be a very important part of your team and will often involve the question of pre-existing damages and the issues surrounding the repair scope of the damages. A public adjuster can help you coordinate your teams investigation efforts. Building plans and repairs may require sealed plans and approval from building officials. A team approach involving your professional public adjuster as well as experts to cover all the details involved in an explosion event will ensure that you can deal on an equal footing with the experts the insurance company will send out to represent their interest.