Frequently Asked Questions about Sinkholes

FAQs About Sinkholes

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The only way to know if you have a sinkhole is to conduct a sinkhole investigation using a qualified and reputable geotechnical engineering firm. Your insurance company may pay the cost of the investigation.
Yes, the geotechnical engineering firms charge for their services. However, your insurance company may pay the cost of the investigation.
This is a debatable and sometimes highly contentious issue that is dependant on a number of facts and variables. The short answer is yes. However, sometimes the costs associated with proper repairs may exceed the value of the structure and therefore, it would not be economically feasible to repair the structure.
You can dispute their figures but it will be difficult without your own fact-based assessment and estimates. One of the most significant benefits of hiring a public adjuster from Tutwiler & Associates is our expertise in preparing detailed loss assessments and estimates of damage.
Sinkholes losses are major and complex. Unless you are qualified to understand the technical nature of and the steps involved with a geotechnical investigation including the pitfalls of an improper investigation, proper assessment of sinkhole-related damages and methods of remediation, and unless you have a thorough understanding of the coverages, duties and responsibilities contained in your insurance policy, you should consider retaining Tutwiler & Associates as early as possible in your property insurance claim process.

According to the article Sinkholes and Public Adjusters some of the most common issues raised by insurance companies seem to be the following: 

  • - proper protocol to repair sinkhole damaged properties;
  • - whether a sinkhole is the reason for the damage;
  • - whether the claim for damages was promptly reported; and
  • - whether the cause of the damage manifested during 
  •   insurance company X’s period of coverage.