Public Insurance Adjusters An Alternative to Helping Policyholders Win Claims

Many homeowners do not fully understand their property insurance policies and are at a disadvantage when negotiating with their insurers needed after a fire, theft, hurricane, or other disaster...

An Interview with Veteran Public Insurance Adjuster Dick Tutwiler

United Policyholders Executive Director Bach interviews seasoned Florida public adjuster Charles "Dick" Tutwiler on a variety of topics including the state of the profession and when it makes sense to hire a public adjuster.

How Fanciful Are Right Words & How Damaging Are Wrong Words

The business of claims is conducted through words. From the first notice of loss, the assignment of a claim, the investigation of coverage, the negotiations and ultimately the settlement, all turn oral and various forms of written words...

Self Insurance Trust Schemes

As a result of the "insurance crisis" in Florida...

Law & Ordinance Coverage - Illusionary?

Insurance, what you do not know or understand can and will cause you great financial harm should the winds of fate blow against you...

Eight Tips for Making the Claim Process Easier

1. Know Your Policy

2. File Claims as Soon as Possible

3. Provide Complete, Correct Information...

Property Insurance And The Real Estate Meltdown

The current financial crisis and meltdown in real estate has affected Florida in an unprecedented way. Not since the late 1920's great Florida land bust have we seen...

Personal Responsibility And Your Future Financial Security Notwithstanding Insurance

Our exposure to financial risks and ruin in today's society has changed, driven in part by large natural disasters and in other ways by...

Blazing New Trails

Where would we be if there were no individuals willing to begin something? Willing to blaze trails, or to be vulnerable for the sake of progress? Well, I don't know about you, but...

Insurers Grumble Over States Moldy Homes

Florida's four-hurricane season exposed a looming threat to the states property insurance industry, according to industry leaders gathered for the annual conference of the Windstorm Insurance Network. Now they just have to agree which threat is...

Florida Condominiums - Catastrophic Adjusting Made Complicated by Ever-changing Rules

Given the popularity of condominium ownership, one would assume the lure and seductive attraction is the promise (or illusion) of hassle-free ownership of this type of real estate.  This may in part be validated by the unit owner paying their monthly maintenance fee and the occasional special assessment for repair and upkeep, thus avoiding the hands on involvement of owning single-family detached housing.

Notes From the WIND President Dick Tutwiler

Summer in Florida heralds the end of one high season and the beginning of another. With summer now upon us, most of our winter residents and spring breakers have headed...

Let's End The Game of Condo Loss Adjusting

On a good day most I think would agree the work of an insurance adjuster is difficult with challenges that are many and varied. Given the nature of the beast, the adjusting process for the most part can be described as...

Do You Need Your Own Claims Adjuster?

Angry that your insurance company is not moving as fast with that claim check as you would like? Or maybe the adjuster's offer is less than...

Public Adjuster Dick Tutwiler - Profiles In Prominence

Dick Tutwiler was featured by his Alma matter, Marshall University in a book Profiles in Prominence.
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