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FL License: G069534

Nicholas J Petrocelli

Public Adjuster Apprentice

Nick Petrocelli is a dedicated professional with a strong background in the field of Public Insurance Adjusting. Hailing from a family of seasoned Public Insurance Adjusters based in Boston, Massachusetts, Nick commenced his training in 2017 and continues to excel in the industry. Throughout his journey, he has honed his skills in preparing meticulous insurance claims and effectively presenting cases to insurance companies. 

Nick's expertise extends to on-site property inspections, where he thoroughly examines and substantiates damage to buildings, contents, and additional expenses. His proficiency in utilizing industry-standard software such as Xactimate and Claim Wizard sets him apart, enabling him to input repair scopes, develop estimate repair values, create floor plan sketches, and efficiently document claim handling details on behalf of the policyholder. 

Venturing beyond Massachusetts, Nick has become a licensed public adjuster apprentice in Florida, leveraging his well-rounded training to offer invaluable assistance to policyholders in navigating the complexities of insurance claims. In 2022, Nick further diversified his experience through an internship at an insurance agency, where he played a crucial role in the Investigative Fraud Department. Here, he demonstrated his commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards by adhering to federal and state laws, regulations, and guidance related to anti-money laundering. Nick's role in fraud cases involved conducting thorough field investigations, collecting facts and evidence through database checks, recorded statements with relevant parties and witnesses, and on-site scene investigations. His attention to detail ensured the compilation of accurate and pertinent data for each investigation. Nick documented and evaluated investigative findings, effectively communicating them to referring parties. 

A proud graduate of the University of Tampa, Nick earned his degree as a testament to his commitment to academic excellence. Whether you are grappling with an insurance claim or seeking assistance with a fair settlement recovery, Nick Petrocelli has the experience to be your reliable advocate. Reach out to him for expert property insurance claim guidance and dedicated support in navigating the intricate and sometimes frustrating landscape of insurance claim processing. 

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