Pittsburgh homeowner turns to Public Insurance Claim Adjuster after hail damage is denied

Pittsburgh homeowner turns to Public Insurance Claim Adjuster after hail damage is denied

On May 28, 2019 a catastrophic hail storm hit the Pittsburgh suburb of Gibsonia. The golf ball sized hail that struck and damaged homes, buildings, cars anything it came in contact with. 

Over the next few days, contractors converged on the area knocking on doors and telling property owners they needed new roofs “just sign here” and we’ll file an insurance claim for you. Rather than doing the smart thing and call their insurance company to file a claim, some homeowners who had not dealt with a loss like this went along. As insurance company representatives visited their policyholders in the area, there was no question that all of the roofs needed to be replaced due to the hail damage. 

One gentleman who would become our client had a different experience. He had reported his loss but had not heard from his insurance company since the adjuster had inspected his property. Once he saw work begin on his neighbors roofs he decided to call his adjuster who  stated that he was no longer in the area. The adjuster had been brought in from outside the area due to the influx in claims and told our client that he would have someone else get in touch. Time went by and still no word until a letter arrived in the mail that basically said stated the insurance company had found hail damage to the gutter and downspouts, but not to the roof. With extreme concern the policyholder called the claims department and was put in touch with a gentleman who was assigned to his claim, but has never seen the damage. Having an honest conversation about the damage was difficult. 

After a few more frustrating phone calls, the inside claims adjuster decided to send another field adjuster to reinspect the damage. When the day of the second inspection arrived the insured had done some research and was prepared to present a case to the new adjuster. However, it turned out the adjuster that was sent out, was the same guy  from the first inspection! Confused, the homeowner began to present his case, now showing all the neighboring homes who were already having their confirmed hail damage repaired. The adjuster went up on the roof, did an inspection and left. A few days later, the insurance company decision was the same. 

After 2 months since the date of the loss and with all of the neighboring houses having their confirmed hail damaged roofs replaced, the homeowner realized he needed help.  After some research, the insured met with and hired Mr. Zachary Flora a Public Adjuster with Tutwiler & Associates. Mr. Flora visited the property with a colleague and trusted roof consultant to inspect the roof for hail damage. Upon their joint inspection, it was determined the roof was severely damaged. More than 20 impact points were documented in a 10x10 square on each slope of the roof.  

Mr. Flora prepared a report documenting his findings and sent them to the insurance company who assigned yet another adjuster. However, this time Mr. Flora made sure to get the name and contact information of the adjuster and set an appointment to inspect the property. The inspection was set for the following week where Mr. Flora walked the roof and the exterior of the home with the insurance company adjuster, pointing out the damage and questioning why the obvious hail damage was missed. This particular adjuster agreed with the entire scope of the loss, did some documentation of his own and within 48 hours the insurance company had agreed to replace the entire roof and both insulated garage doors with windows. This resulted in a recovery of roughly $28,000 for a relieved and satisfied client who was happy with his choice to hire a public adjuster.    

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  • Pittsburgh homeowner turns to Public Insurance Claim Adjuster after hail damage is denied
  • Pittsburgh homeowner turns to Public Insurance Claim Adjuster after hail damage is denied

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