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Client Testimonials

Over the years Tutwiler & Associates has been honored to receive many letters from satisfied clients which we are happy to share below. We believe our clients are the best testimony to the type of professionalism and results we try to achieve for each client.

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I'm impressed. For the first time, in about two decades of working with public adjusters, I’m impressed. God bless you sir, all of you at Tutwiler & Associates. - Doug Spurling, Claims Adjuster Read Testimonial Doug Spurling, Insurer Claims Adjuster
April 18, 2018 13:58
My initial claim settlement from my insurance company was $3k which I knew was woefully inadequate and did not address the root cause of the problem. Someone suggested I hire a private adjuster so I did my research and engaged with Scott Luginski at Tutwiler and Associates. My adjuster came to my house, surveyed the damage and told me that he could get more money but the process could take up to six months. True to his word, I signed settlement papers with my insurance company six months to the day I received my first settlement check for a total of $35k. Excellent work by Tutwiler, I would highly recommend Scott at Tutwiler and Associates!! Read Testimonial Pipe Leak Water Damage Insurance Claim - Lithia, FL
April 03, 2018 14:16
Kevin & Rick: I am writing to let you know I appreciate the hard work that has gone into my case.  It's been a long journey for me and I know I've been impatient at times.  I will wait to hear for settlement updates.  Read Testimonial Condominium Water Damage Claim - St. Pete
August 07, 2017 09:32
Zach was referred to me from a mutual friend. We have a property that endured some damage in multiple places throughout the home. He walked us through the process and helped every step of the way! He met us at the property several times. He absolutely went above and beyond for us. He even followed up several times after the repairs were done. I truly can't say enough about amazing service that was provided to us. - Rebecca Leff-Johnston Read Testimonial Pittsburgh Insurance Claim
July 25, 2017 12:29
We felt very confident with Ray assisting us with our claim. We are thankful we had them advocating for us. Read Testimonial Orlando Water Damage Insurance Claim
July 19, 2017 14:49
I am an insurance defense attorney who was retained by an insured living in Miami. He had sustained significant water intrusion as well as a septic tank blockage which caused substantial property damage. I retained Tutwiler and Associates to prepare an estimate of loss as the insurer had totally neglected to investigate the losses thoroughly and properly. Tutwiler and Associates completely took over the loss presentation, retained the necessary experts, prepared detailed estimates of loss etc which were then filed with the insurer. As a consequence of Tutwiler's efforts, I was able to negotiate an extraordinary resolution of these claims with underwriters' counsel. Tutwiler and Associates conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and objectivity, recognizing that certain aspects of the claims may be excluded under the policy but prepared the claims in a manner that was both proper and fully substantiated. It was a pleasure to work with Dick Tutwiler and Frank Fortson who conducted themselves with honor and dignity even when confronted with a recalcitrant and otherwise difficult independent adjuster retained by the insurer. I recommend any insured living in Florida to retain Tutwiler and Associates when suffering a property insurance loss. The insured will be very well served and feel confident that the loss ultimately will be adjusted and resolved in a manner most advantageous to the insured. Frank Tell - Attorney Read Testimonial Miami Water Loss
June 28, 2017 09:46
We had a long and complicated claim process with a few bumps in the road, but in the end, Keith and Rick got the job done. Thank you! Read Testimonial Residential Water Loss
June 27, 2017 14:42
I want to thank you for your efforts in helping to amicably conclude this project. Our intentions were always to help Mrs. Harper Levine and not to inconvenience her in any way. I truly believe that do to the size of the project your intervention and coordination of the project was extremely helpful to Mrs. Levine and perhaps a more detailed and coordinated effort from the service side would have been beneficial to all parties. Read Testimonial Milro Services
June 27, 2017 14:07
This company is the best. Our insurance company was giving us the run around on a water damage claim and did not want to pay for things that we needed to repair. We hired Tutwiler and they negotiated a great settlement on our behalf. We were happy they dealt with our insurance company directly and was a huge relief for us. - Dana Kratsa Read Testimonial Pittsburgh Insurance Claim
June 27, 2017 13:53
Tutwiler & Associates was one of the best contacts my family has made in a while! They were very professional and detailed in their work, while keeping us updated every step of the way. I strongly suggest calling if you have any insurance related issues. Read Testimonial Pittsburgh Property Claim
June 27, 2017 13:48
Superb service and attention to detail, follow through and support made our experience with our claim positive and satisfying. Read Testimonial Orlando Property Claim
June 27, 2017 13:42
As an insurance agent in Florida for over 15 years, I always need a trustworthy public adjuster to help when the insurance companies don't want to pay. The Tutwiler team is always there to answer my calls and help my clients. Read Testimonial Orlando Insurance Claim
June 27, 2017 13:00
Outstanding service, support and results from Kevin Leisure at Tutwiler & Associates. Anyone that is considering hiring a public adjuster to help with their property damage claim should not hesitate to give Kevin a call. Read Testimonial Water Insurance Claim - Tampa, FL
May 02, 2017 16:08
These guys are omnipresent. The loyalty, dedication, knowledge, and results are the key components to making it to the top for this group. Read Testimonial Top Public Adjuster Firms of 2016
February 09, 2017 15:18
Thank you very much for your time and advice today. I thanked United Policyholders for their Ask the Expert service and your reassuring guidance, but I wanted to drop a line of thanks to you directly. I am happy to refer your business to friends and neighbors in Tallahassee as the pickings are slim in this area! I will keep you posted regarding my success. Read Testimonial Water Claim - Tallahassee, FL
August 15, 2016 08:58
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