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Client Testimonials

Over the years Tutwiler & Associates has been honored to receive many letters from satisfied clients which we are happy to share below. We believe our clients are the best testimony to the type of professionalism and results we try to achieve for each client.

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On another note, public adjuster Frank Fortson has been absolutely awesome. He has been so helpful and detailed and caught so many things. We really appreciate everything he has done. Read Letter Ft. Myers Residential Water Claim
April 29, 2016 10:25
Dear Mr. Tutwiler,

I have enjoyed our relationship. I had heard horror stories of dealing with public adjusters, which is why I waited so long to engage your services. Had I known how professional you conducted yourself and your business, I would have started from day one.I will be pleased to write a letter of recommendation.Thanks again for all your work on our behalf. Read Letter Naples, FL Commercial Fire Claim Property Owner
April 14, 2016 08:19
Thank you for taking time to call me today. I called the Insurance company claims representative and told them that I had spoken with you and that you were willing to help. I asked if they would work with me or did I need to hire you. They called me back within a few hours and said that they were willing to put me into temporary housing for a reasonable time. It was a complete 180 degree turn about from their previous decision. Thank you so much. Read Testimonial Palm Harbor, FL Addtional Living Expenses Denial
October 29, 2015 15:54
Thank you all so much for everything. You turned a somewhat stressful situation into a minor inconvenience that will soon be a distant memory. I am so grateful for your expertise, patience, kindness, and courtesies you all extended.It is my belief that the issue would remain unresolved if not for your handling of this matter.Thanks so very much again and best wishes. It has been a pleasure and privilege to get to deal with each of you. Read Testimonial Tampa Insurance Water Claim
September 11, 2015 14:49
When disaster strikes, you WILL need a competent public adjuster on your side. Rick Tutwiler is the man for the job. I called Rick after my insurance company was giving me the run around. He was very responsive and very thorough. He explained the entire process and made me feel at ease.

He gathered an excellent team of experts to help with the case and worked the claim with passion. He was able to get me much more money than my insurance had offered initially and in a fairly timely manner. Please remember when you have a claim not to go it alone. You will be taken. Read Testimonial Tierra Verde House Fire
February 12, 2015 15:56
Rick, if I was smart enough to have known you could have taken care like you did from the very beginning, I would have hired you right away.I wasted countless hours, weeks, and months dealing with this when I should have been enjoying my limited time left.You are on my speed dial and should our family have any issues with any of our properties we will certainty let you know.Thank you! Read Testimonial Clearwater Residential Fire Claim
December 18, 2014 12:04
I have been working with this company for a little over a year. I cannot say but great things about them.They are on time with everything they do for you.They even go beyond the call of duty when they say they will do something. This is a family owned company and they really mean it. I would give my U.S.M.C. seal of approval. Would recommend them to any veteran they really are here to help you thru a very difficult time. Read Testimonial Tampa Homeowner Fire Claim
November 24, 2014 11:46
It was great to find a professional and compassionate person like public adjuster Frank Fortson and a company such as yours who could help us negotiate the maze of complexity that is the insurance industry. Read Letter Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claim
June 17, 2014 11:28
When Super Storm Sandy hit, it was disaster from many perspectives. Not only was it logistically difficult to prepare and file claims, it was also time consuming and complex. As a professional woman, it was a pleasure to work with Rick and his team. Read Letter Superstorm Sandy Loss, Massapequa, NY
March 18, 2014 16:31
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Keith Grams for the very excellent way he conducted the whole sinkhole experience which I went through starting in 2011. From the very beginning of our professional relationship, Keith conducted himself with patience, integrity and most of all eliminated all worries I might have had going through this very stressful experience. Read Letter Spring Hill, Fl Sinkhole
March 18, 2014 16:08
If you ever suffer a property or casualty loss that you feel is or should be covered by your existing insurance, or have difficulty getting the insurance company's claims adjuster to pay everything to which you believe you are entitled, or don't know whether your direct and indirect losses may be covered by insurance, please contact me immediately for a no-obligation referral to what I believe is the absolute best public insurance adjuster in Florida. Read Testimonial Stephen A. Scott, Gainesville, FL Attorney
October 29, 2013 15:04
Dear Ed:

Yes, the check finally made it here. Again, thanks so much for your help with our case! We never could have gotten as much in the way of settlement without your assistance. Read Testimonial Tampa Residential Claim
July 31, 2013 12:44
Good afternoon all. Just a bit of good news to report. On the home front, we are back in finally. Much remains to be done but so much has been accomplished.You have been remarkable in our comeback and we are deeply appreciative. On that topic, would you please update us on our continuing efforts against Allstate.Thank you again. Read Testimonial Superstorm Sandy Claim, Garden City, NY
June 05, 2013 08:29
This is to testify that I have received the very best service and advice from Tutwiler Associates and Keith Grams. Mr. Grams kept me fully informed all along the way during my sinkhole problem and he was instrumental in getting me to a satisfactory settlement of the problem. Read Letter Cooper Residence, Spring Hill, Fl Sinkhole Claim
March 22, 2013 15:48
As you know, along with the check is our appreciation and gratitude to you and your team who put in the devoted effort so necessary for our family.  We are grateful to you and hope that this is only the first check of a series to come. Read Testimonial Superstorm Sandy Residential Claim
February 21, 2013 13:29
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