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Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Adjusting Practices Come Under Scrutiny

Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Adjusting Practices Come Under Scrutiny

Hurricane Irma insurance adjusting practices in the Florida Keys are coming under scrutiny by the Monroe Country State Attorney. This information came to me via a short audio clip from a radio broadcast aired by US 1 Radio News that covers the Florida Keys. In this broadcast, you can hear Monroe County State Attorney, Dennis Swartz sharing his concerns about insurance company adjuster practices in dealing with policyholders who suffered losses from Hurricane Irma.

In addition to State Attorney Swartz comments, this clip also recorded part of the City of Key West commissioners meeting and included comments by City Attorney, Shawn Smith. Attorney Smith and his family also suffered devastating losses at their home as a result of Hurricane Irma and they know personally the impact of poor post-loss claim practices. At the conclusion, you can hear the City Commission giving their permission to Key West City Attorney Smith to cooperate and in fact encourage this cooperation with any investigation the State Attorney feels is necessary.

While it is not my place to tell P&C carriers how to conduct their business, I would respectfully suggest they take the comments in this clip to heart as we all know the folks in the Keys are unique and will not accept the conduct as outlined in the comments from the Monroe County State Attorney. This is unacceptable! Let us know what abuses you are seeing with Hurricane Irma claims.

You can listen to the audio here

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