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Winter Storm Juno is Over – Get Ready for the Insurance Claims

Winter Storm Juno is Over – Get Ready for the Insurance Claims

While it seems most of the New York and New Jersey areas escaped major damage from the blizzard, folks in New England weren’t so lucky. We’re seeing reports of major flooding, coastal property damage, frozen pipe bursts and roof collapses from all the heavy snow will continue.  A couple of good articles that were just published Policyholders would be wise to read the articles below that were just published and offer tips on how to better navigate the insurance claims process.

In Winter storm Juno worrying you? How to speed approval of storm-damage claims, policyholders are reminded of the major claim delays we saw with previous storms and to report the claim right away. The article even outlines how hiring a public insurance adjuster can help speed the claims process by making sure the claim is properly estimated and facilitating professional communication with the insurance company. Well how about that!   

The article: Winter-Storm Damage: What Insurance Covers, gives a good overview of the basic property coverage policyholders should expect. Remember, however that all policies are written differently and with different exclusions. If you think you might be covered, have a professional review your policy to make sure you understand your options. Simply the way you report your claim could impact the eventual coverage. Let us know if you have winter storm related questions. 

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