Winter Storm Claim Adjusting Practices Leave Much to Be Desired

Winter Storm Claim Adjusting Practices Leave Much to Be Desired
As we continue to help our clients who experienced winter storm damage, settle their insurance claims, we are learning more and more about insurance company claim practices and procedures, some which is quite troubling. This winter in the northeast, we endured some grueling battles with insurance companies which I will detail below. No doubt, insurance is a for-profit business and no business likes to lose money.  We also understand that one can’t generalize one company’s behavior to all insurance companies as they all have their own standards of practice. And like other public adjusters in our industry, there are good apples and there are a few bad that can taint the entire profession. Read More

Winter Storm Claim Activities Confirms Study that Shows a 50% Chance Your Property Insurance Company Will Fight You

Over the past few months, we have been helping businesses and homeowners try to settle their insurance claims from the extreme Winter Storm damage that has impacted enough property owners in Massachusetts and throughout the Northeast & New England area that this storm rivals the damage done by other major storms we have worked.  As we’ve seen with past major storms with widespread damage, it is very apparent that the insurance company’s are overwhelmed and they are desperately looking for assistance to service all their policyholders who have made claims for their property damage.  Similar to hurricanes, the carriers have enlisted the help of many independent adjusters who have made the trip from as far away as Arizona to help them make inspections, write repair estimates, and make field calls before turning their files in and heading back home.  The issue with this is that most of these independent adjusters are assigned so many claims that there are simply not enough hours in the day for these adjusters to conduct a thorough inspection of the damage and then spend adequate time behind the computer to write a detailed repair estimate.Read More

Winter Storm Claims – Getting a Fair Settlement is Up to You

A recent article, Boston Area Expects a Flood of Claims After Record Winter points to the growing recognition that some property owners are in for a fight when it comes to obtaining a fair settlement for their winter storm damage insurance claim. As one homeowner from Plymouth, Mass. put it, “It’s a part time job just trying to navigate it all.” As you will read in the article, too many people “hope” they will get a fair offer from their insurance company. Our general advice is that while working with your insurance company, remember that this is your claim. So don’t rely on the insurance company alone to tell you how much they will pay. Make sure you get independent estimates from contractors to confirm what it will take to fix the damage.

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Winter Claims Already Impacting Construction Prices and Contractor Repair Availability

Winter Claims Already Impacting Construction Prices and Contractor Repair Availability

As I write this, I am sitting in LaGuardia airport waiting for a flight back to Florida.  I was called up to New York to meet with a prospective client who owns a building in Manhattan that has suffered structural damage due to a new building being constructed next door.   Florida’s tourism boom this year is apparent in New York; snow, ice, then freezing rain and back to snow with 6-8 inches predicted for the five boroughs of NYC.  Other parts of the country are predicted to get even more snow, then freezing temps. Clearly, northerners are flocking to Florida in droves trying to escape the brutal winter especially in the northeast. 

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Winter Storm Juno is Over – Get Ready for the Insurance Claims

Winter Storm Juno is Over – Get Ready for the Insurance Claims
While it seems most of the New York and New Jersey areas escaped major damage from the blizzard, folks in New England weren’t so lucky. We’re seeing reports of major flooding, coastal property damage, frozen pipe bursts and roof collapses from all the heavy snow will continue.  A couple of good articles that were just published Policyholders would be wise to read the articles below that were just published and offer tips on how to better navigate the insurance claims process. Read More

Winter Storm Juno and the Insurance Claims to Come

Winter Storm Juno and the Insurance Claims to Come
Listening to the weather wonks, it sure looks like Winter Storm Juno may be one for the record books. It may also be a notable one for the insurance industry with all the expected claims from water losses due to frozen pipe breaks, collapsed roofs due to heavy snow loads, and most unfortunately fires from faulty heating appliances and improper use of space heaters. Policyholders in New England, New York and New Jersey need to take notice.Read More

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