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Fire Insurance Claims and Contents Inventory – Be Prepared

Tutwiler & Associates Public Adjusters was retained this week following a devastating fire that occurred in Pinellas County, Florida.  The fire hit so close my home that I found myself scrambling to check all the smoke detectors in my house.  Fortunately, everyone in this home survived without injury, but the fire was so bad that it completely destroyed everything inside the home well beyond recognition.  Even worse, the property owner a brilliant young engineer did not have an inventory of his clothing, casual clothes, household furniture, tools in the garage, or expensive electronic items just to name a few.  Everything was literally burned to ashes!

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A Few Thoughts for Fire Prevention Week

Smoke from fire is like an anesthetic.  Rather than awakening you, it will put you into a deep sleep.  And a little known fact is that most fire deaths occur during the night, with most perishing due to smoke inhalation, not fire. A recent fire in Tampa where a mother and daughter perished due to smoke in an otherwise minimal fire is a perfect example.


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Policyholder Question: Can I Refuse Cleaning and Inventory Services from my Insurer?

Here is an insurance claim question that we answered as a contributing member of insurance claim experts for United Policyholders who advocates for property owners. 

Q. Can the insurance company force you to use an outside vendor to inventory your personal contents rather than allow you to do it yourself?  Can you refuse cleaning and inventory services that an adjuster is trying to make you use?

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