Tampa public adjuster weighs-in on property insurance special session

Tampa public adjuster weighs-in on property insurance special session

Insurance Reform Special Session Updates
Public adjuster talks property insurance special session (baynews9.com)
Lawmakers to tackle Florida's property insurance crisis (baynews9.com)

As legislators attempt to reform and bailout the Florida property insurance market, ask yourself this:
Is the policyholder, property owner being put first?

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Florida Property Insurance Reform – Who is This Session For?

Florida Property Insurance Reform – Who is This Session For?

While it’s troubling to watch FL residents suffer soaring rate increases, I’m still hoping some meaningful legislation will be passed that will “immediately” impact rates and help property holders. The frustrating part is the partisan politicians who turn a blind eye when good amendments are put forward that could easily provide some rate relief. Just watch the consumer-friendly amendments laid out by Senator Gary Farmer who very eloquently explains the insurance shell game.  

Start at 1:57:30 - https://thefloridachannel.org/videos/5-24-22-senate-session-part-1/

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Florida Insurance Market – Another Step Towards Stability after the Election

I want to thank Florida Public Adjuster Michael Platts for penning this excellent commentary. 

By Michael W. Platts

So, the hotly contested election in Florida is over. What’s next? How will the results impact the policyholders in our State? This is a key issue for a number of reasons; including the importance of affordable insurance costs, the role it plays in the recovery of the real estate market and the economy of our State as a whole.

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Florida Public Adjuster Fee Caps………The Saga Continues

As the 2014 Florida Legislative Session enters its final week, once again there are insurance industry backed proposals that will impact public adjusters and their ability to advocate for the policyholder. A purposed amendment was added to a bill in the house this past week seeking to limit the rates public adjusters can charge for their services……something that was debated by this same group last year.

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