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Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Settlement Checks – Watch what you sign

Hurricane Irma Insurance Claim Settlement Checks – Watch what you sign

Your property or business suffered damage during Hurricane Irma. You promptly filed a claim or had a public insurance adjuster document and file the claim for you. A check from the insurance company appears in the mail. Great! How easy could it be? But wait, there’s a catch…..on the back of your check there is language that states you are releasing the insurance company from any further costs related to the claim.

That means if more damage is found during the repair process or even further down the line you have no recourse to go back and revisit additional claim issues which can often happen with a wind claim. A recent article in the Sun Sentinel, Insurance companies send settlement checks to Hurricane Irma victims with string attached explains the issue in depth. The conclusion? Insurance companies are using the tactic to minimize their claims, intimidating policyholders into not seeking payment for additional costs that come up during repairs and is likely unenforceable according to State Insurance law.

I’ll let the lawyers and Department of Insurance fight this one out but policyholders should beware of signing anything that waives their ability to collect a fair settlement for damaged property that is covered under their policy.  I’m sure this will be a hot topic of discussion at the Windstorm Insurance Network Conference in Orlando next week.

There are so many issues when it comes to negotiating a settlement offer with the insurance company. For reference read our blog: Check The Details Before Accepting Your Hurricane Irma Claim Settlement Check  If you have Hurricane Irma damage let us know of your experience when settling a claim.  

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