Chattanooga tornado victims are entitled to Additional Living Expenses from their insurer

Chattanooga tornado victims are entitled to Additional Living Expenses from their insurer

If your home was destroyed or severely damaged from the Chattanooga area tornadoes to the extent that it is uninhabitable for you or your family to live, your insurance policy may provide a coverage called “Additional Living Expense” or “A.L.E.” But after speaking with some homeowners who have gone without power for weeks it appears, they need to press the issue with their home insurers. Checkout this recent local news story that makes our point:

Under the Additional Living Expense coverage, you and your family may be entitled to rent another home of the same size, like kind and quality as well as be reimbursed for any extra expenses you may incur such as food and temporary lodging.  Please keep in mind that this coverage is based on what you “incur” meaning you have to spend the money first before your insurance company will reimburse you. This is why you need to keep receipts for all transactions or keep all of your transactions on one credit card so you can easily print your statement out for your adjuster. But, more importantly if you are staying in an unsafe home or want better living conditions while your home is being fixed notify your insurance company and ASK for the A.L.E. in your coverage.   

Additionally, your insurance company and/or adjuster may recommend that you go into their temporary housing program, which is usually an apartment type setting or may be half the size of your damaged home.  However, please keep in mind that you are entitled to maintain the same standard of living you had prior to your loss. Don’t be afraid to challenge your insurance carrier on this issue.  Given the extent of the damage and shortage of qualified contractors, the claims settlement and restoration process could take longer than you may think. So be sure you are adequately covered and comfortable in your temporary home.

Tutwiler & Associates adjusters stand ready to handle tornado damage insurance claims throughout Chattanooga. We are here to help you start your insurance claim and get your business or residence back up and running. Contact us today by calling 423.451.8402 or click to contact our team.

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