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Record snow in Boston may also create a property insurance claims record

Record snow in Boston may also create a property insurance claims record

An online poll published in the Boston Globe on Saturday, showed over 70% of Bostonians are rooting to break the record snow fall of 107.6 inches. To date, they are only 2 inches shy. Who would have guessed that with all the misery from snow, ice and freezing temperatures, that folks in Boston would be in the majority and want those extra few inches to best a 124-year National Weather Service record?

If current weather predictions are correct, it looks like Boston and maybe other northeastern communities may have a good chance to make it into the record books. We still have two more weeks in March and then let’s not forget the April Fools Day Strom of 1997 when 2 feet fell on that day!

Unfortunately, we may see another type of record for the most winter damage insurance claims. Record or not, the insurance claims resulting from this snow, ice and frigid weather are piling up and we are putting a public adjusting crew in place to help assess and manage those claims and make sure they are settled properly. We've continually warned about the hazards of snow accumulation on roofs especially when water compacts the snow following a heavy rain event. I expect roofs will continue to fail from all the snow and water accumulation and when some of the snow starts to melt and then refreeze, (as it should this week), the roof damaged water leaks will start to increase. Homeowners and businesses (especially those with flat or slightly pitched roofs) need to be diligent about preventing any further damage.

If it comes, I sure hope the snow record doesn't compound the property damage and mute the experience of a record win. But I guess that’s why they claim ownership of the phrase BOSTON STRONG.    

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