Hurricane Hermine Property Insurance Claim Tips Blog Garners Big Response

Hurricane Hermine Property Insurance Claim Tips Blog Garners Big Response

WOW! What an impressive response to our most recent public adjuster blog , offering property owners with storm damage from Hurricane Hermine our advice on handling claim related issues. It shattered all previous records on reader response and views.

Two things come to mind.  People are looking for tips to deal with their claim process or they are just looking since it’s been so long since the last storm hit Florida and more specifically the Gulf Coast. My guess it’s a little of both, but I know there are claim issues out there from flood, wind, and the worst…massive sewer and black water backup problems. The calls are coming in and our public adjusters are staying busy, so my guess is that this will be a long sloth before there light at the end of the tunnel.  I am still waiting on the final figures for the sewage problem that overwhelmed treatment plants.  Some say in excess of 90 million gallons and still counting, overflowed in the Tampa Bay area alone. And remember, this sewage likely backed up in homes and businesses before it overwhelmed the treatment plants. 

It appears Hurricane Hermine is not getting much respect from big insurance.  From what I read in articles published by the insurance press, they have played down the financial hit from Hermine as modest at best. In other words, Florida’s property insurance carriers will likely handle Hermine’s wrath with little difficulty.  Could part of this be that flood and sewer losses were either not covered for flood or limited for the sewer backups?

It seems strange that the local media are not more involved reporting on the adjusting issues unfolding in the field from Hurricane Hermine. I expect many claims will be denied that otherwise should be covered.  Believe me, there is an art to adjusting.  If you know that the big print that gives coverage and the little print that takes it away, you’ll understand why having experienced folks on your side, the will often allow a path for coverage and payment.

As an example, I recently wrote a lengthy blog on flood claims for the folks in West Virginia following their recent unprecedented flooding in the southern part of the that state.  The same claim tips that apply in West Virginia apply to issues policyholders are now facing Florida.  The West Virginia Record, a state publication published a condensed version of my blog in their magazine, which I hope benefited some folks in that part of the country who like Hermine victims share a common plight of recovering from a massive flood event.

Meanwhile, we are getting reports that out-of-state folks are coming into Florida claiming they are public adjusters. Our check with Tallahassee reveals many are not licensed in Florida. Sure hope the folks in Tallahassee are up to the challenge of enforcing this.  People who claim they are licensed professionals and are not, are in my opinion predators who steal from folks that deserve to get all the help they can get from honest, hard working and experienced licensed insurance company adjusters, licensed independent adjusters and most importantly licensed and bonded experienced public adjusters. Please! If you hire an adjuster, make sure they are licensed in the State of Florida.

We will keep you advised, as more information is available. Meanwhile check out our extensive insurance claim tips website library, FAQ’s and success stories for to educate yourself on Hermine related claim issues.   

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