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Seek out Professional Advice to Protect Your Nashville Tornado Insurance Damage Claim Settlement Recovery

Seek out Professional Advice to Protect Your Nashville Tornado Insurance Damage Claim Settlement Recovery

Thousands throughout the Volunteer State continue to pour into regions of Middle Tennessee including the historic state capital city of Nashville to aid recovery efforts following Tuesday’s severe weather and deadly tornados. The Governor’s recent State of Emergency declaration will create a logistical nightmare for insurance companies who are scrambling to deploy teams of catastrophe adjusters to service Tennesseans who need to file insurance claims and collect monies that are vital to rebuild their damaged homes and affected businesses. 

Making matters worse for insurance companies seeking to service their policyholders is the fact that 3 hotels in middle Tennessee remain closed due to the storms and whatever accommodations that might be available are likely filled with first responders, utility workers, and many other volunteers from charitable organizations, all of whom have been working tirelessly to help fellow neighbors in the greater Nashville-area this week. This is notwithstanding the many families and property owners who have been displaced from their homes who will likely need alternative living accommodations for many months until insurance company resources can access the area and actually start working to adjust insurance claims. 

As if the victims of this deadly tornado did not already have enough to worry about, Tennesseans must now be on guard for scammers of all types who will attempt to unscrupulously take advantage of them. Furthermore, fellow Tennesseans who have never had to file an insurance claim before must also pay close attention because insurance companies have very strict language written into their policies that require property owner victims to timely perform certain duties, which are critically important for people to understand and comply with.

Typically, we see property owners make ill-advised decisions and mistakes right at the beginning of the claims process, simply because people may be grieving after losing a friend or family member.  Others are traumatized by the painful reality of losing their home, business or simple interruption of their routine daily life and rush to get things fixed.

In the many months that lay-ahead, impacted residents and business owners in Tennessee will inevitably become frustrated or overwhelmed as they endure the lengthy and challenging insurance claim adjustment process.  Insurance companies know their business very well and sadly some company adjusters may make decisions that favor their employer. Let's face it, insurance companies are in business to make money and like any business the goal is to keep costs down so profits stay high.

As Tennesseans seek to make the most important financial decisions of their lives, they must think and treat their insurance claim as a business negotiation. Simply put, your goal is to maximize a claim settlement that will restore your property to its pre-loss state and ensure the insurance company keeps its coverage contract with you. The kicker is everything must comply with the terms & conditions of your specific insurance policy. If you haven't read that contract in full, then please seek out professional advice to make sure you understand your coverage.

Tutwiler & Associates adjusters stand ready to handle tornado damage insurance claims throughout Nashville. We are here to help you start your insurance claim and get your business or residence back up and running. Contact us today by calling 615.686.2858 or click to contact our team.

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Jeff Whittington
  Great read, as always, with good information. We are happy to help with the recovery and claim resolution efforts at our home here in Nashville. Thanks!
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