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Beware Rising Tornado Construction Costs

Beware Rising Tornado Construction Costs

Many folks throughout the State of Tennessee are still dealing with the devastating effects of the recent tornado and hail damage.  They will soon learn that that the amount(s) offered and paid by their respective insurance companies are not sufficient to pay for their complete loss and damage repairs. 

Specifically, as the demand for qualified construction workers, roofers, and building materials increase so do the associated costs.  This “supply and demand effect” will undoubtedly continue to impact those who sustained tornado/hail damage in a negative way for some time.

To ensure a positive insurance claim experience and recovery, make certain that your contractor and the adjuster working for the insurance company are in agreement with all the reconstruction plans and get those agreements and costs in writing.  By now, you should have a “claim file” set up with all relevant correspondence letters, e-mails, building damage estimates, personal property losses, and business property damage fully documented. This will help to ensure that your insurance claim is managed efficiently and will be especially helpful if the catastrophe (CAT) adjuster leaves to return back home and you are assigned a new adjuster, which happens more than you might imagine.

The State of Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance requires a contractor's license prior to contracting (bidding or negotiating a price) whenever the total cost of the project is $25,000 or more. Click the link to learn more information or verify a Contractor License.

Tutwiler & Associates public adjusters stand ready to handle tornado damage insurance claims throughout Nashville. We are here to help you start your insurance claim and get your business or residence back up and running. Contact us today by calling 615.686.2858 or click to contact our team.

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